Kelvin Adams Benone Fly-in and Barbecue 27 August 2016

An old event was revamped and pulled from the ashes. An end of the summer bash/fly-in - well drink on.This event was held many years ago and has changed names over the years to this, the Kelvin Adams fly-in.

Kelvin was a good all round hell of a nice guy who lost his life in the sea at Whiterocks while paragliding with his friends. So we try to remember him and have fun in the way he would have loved.

Phil Barron and his good lady wife Louise excelled themselves in laying on a barbeque, helped by a few friends, that would be hard to beat. A large gazebo with an extension had been constructed on the beach in case of bad weather and for sleeping accommodation if needed. Those who arrived early were treated to Phil's famous stews, brewed up on a gas burner while the barbeque was being fired up. The recipe for the stews is his trade secret so no point in asking, but taste delicious. Boxes of burgers, bags of baps, lettuce, tomato, onions, sauces, disposable bowls, plates, glasses etc were all there waiting.

Gradually more people started to arrive bearing bags of logs and wood offcuts, booze of various sorts and a firepit consisting of an old washing machine drum was lit. This worked extremely well and kept us warm well into the small hours of Sunday.

Once Gavin's big barbeque was ready, a steady stream of burgers, topped up with sauces etc started disappearing into baps and down hungry throats.

While all the preparations were going on, Al, Walter and Rory were zooming round the area on their paramotors. Gradually as the evening wore on, some people drifted away - particularly those who had children along or who had children at home to go back to. That left a hard core group huddled round the firepit, lashing back the drink and talking rubbish. One or two seemed to have a wee bit of a balance problem at times.

Dee down!      

Strangely, the talk did not come round to paragliding until well after midnight. After 1:30am we were joined by four ladies from the nearby campsite who had decided to go for a run on their bicycles along the beach in the middle of the night. Like moths to a flame, they were attracted by the glow of the firepit and the waffling bodies gathered round it. After a bit of banter they left and the rest of us drifted off to sleep in cars, tents, vans or wherever around 3:30am.

Some five hours later, those of us who had stayed close to the action, helped to dismantle the gazebo, clear away the rubbish and generally leave the beach undisturbed.



In co-operation with The IHPA we are near to finalising changes to the way we register flights on the XC (Cross Country) League. Given that most pilots in the rest of the world are using Leonardo to register XC flights, it has been decided to set up a UHPC and an All Ireland League on Leonardo. In order to filter out the thousands of other pilots on Leonardo we have to register UHPC members for both leagues. To do this we need your Leonardo number. This can be found at the end of the URL when you call up your pilot profile in Leonardo.

If you have not used Leonardo before but would like to have your name registered for the XC League then you can open an account at,cat:0,class:all,xctype:all,club:all,pilot:0_0,takeoff:all by clicking on Main Menu and the Open an Account. When you've logged in go to Main Menu then My Profile and send me (Dave Tweedie - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) your Leonardo number at the end of the URL as described above.

It would be great to have all members registered on Leonardo, even if you don't want to compete in the league at present, you can still register flights by downloading the relevant igc files from your GPS and it will give you lots of information on your flights including a map of your flight and profiles of height, distance, speed etc. All useful information to analyse your flights and improve your performance.

More information on the league will be coming when we have everything finalised.


Due to a gate being left open allowing cattle and sheep to mix, the farmer has restricted paragliding from the west and southwest slopes of Agnew's Hill to the paragliding schools for the present.

Please help to negotiate the possibility of return to this site by staying away for now.


A very successful 2016 Ulster Open took place over the weekend of 14/15 May.

The Kilcronaghan Centre was once again the competition base where 14 people stayed overnight. We had good support from IHPA members.  No late shenanigains - we're mostly too old and tired after a long day on the hill and in the air!!!

Calling the competition at short notice was most unfortunate but justified in view of the weather on Saturday. White Mountain north face was the venue both days.

There were 20 total entries and results are set out below: 

 Andy Pag                                             72.9km

 Rafal Obora                                         47.2km

 Grzegorz Wisniewski                            32.0km

 Danny Young                                      31.7km

 Andrew Jess                                       28.3km

 Dave Tweedie                                     25.0km

 Mark Piggott                                      24.5km

 Mark Watson                                      23.1km

 Steve Hill                                            21.6km

 Ian Cross                                            19.0km

 Colin Lown                                         14.0km

 Marek Iwko                                         9.4km

 Maciej Mozdzyuski                               6.8km

 Jacob Rudek                                       TBD

 Marek Grala                                         TBD

 Frank Manning                                    TBD

 Donal Hamilton(HG & PG)                    Min

 Tom Carson                                         Min

 Graham Mccormick                             Min

 Enda Carrigan (HG)                          ~70km - HG


We also awarded Grzegorz, the 3rd placed pilot, the best novice prize as it was his first XC! Congratulations to all!!

No paragliders flew on Sunday as the wind was too strong.  Free flying was declared and some pilots headed to Magilligan, amazingly lighter and smooth!


Comment from one competitor: "Mega conditions and great to see so many XC minded pilots escaping the hill. Cheers and well done to all working hard on the day, best £20 I've spent in a while, XC, T-Shirt, Chinese and Beer!"


The repack night at Antrim Forum went very well. Around 20 club members attended the deployment and repack session and despite a bit of headscratching and reference to packing instructions all managed to get their reserve parachutes packed, checked and installed in harnesses. If it all goes wrong and you find your wing a twisted mess and gravity taking over, you'll need to throw your reserve parachute. Can you locate the handle easily and throw and let go correctly? Is your reserve parachute properly packed and installed in your harness? Will it come out easily if you need to deploy?

Even if you normally send your reserve 'chute away for a repack, practice deployment at a local event such as this, rather than wait until you need to do it for real (hopefully not!) is very valuable.


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