Due to a gate being left open allowing cattle and sheep to mix, the farmer has restricted paragliding from the west and southwest slopes of Agnew's Hill to the paragliding schools for the present.

Please help to negotiate the possibility of return to this site by staying away for now.


A very successful 2016 Ulster Open took place over the weekend of 14/15 May.

The Kilcronaghan Centre was once again the competition base where 14 people stayed overnight. We had good support from IHPA members.  No late shenanigains - we're mostly too old and tired after a long day on the hill and in the air!!!

Calling the competition at short notice was most unfortunate but justified in view of the weather on Saturday. White Mountain north face was the venue both days.

There were 20 total entries and results are set out below: 

 Andy Pag                                             72.9km

 Rafal Obora                                         47.2km

 Grzegorz Wisniewski                            32.0km

 Danny Young                                      31.7km

 Andrew Jess                                       28.3km

 Dave Tweedie                                     25.0km

 Mark Piggott                                      24.5km

 Mark Watson                                      23.1km

 Steve Hill                                            21.6km

 Ian Cross                                            19.0km

 Colin Lown                                         14.0km

 Marek Iwko                                         9.4km

 Maciej Mozdzyuski                               6.8km

 Jacob Rudek                                       TBD

 Marek Grala                                         TBD

 Frank Manning                                    TBD

 Donal Hamilton(HG & PG)                    Min

 Tom Carson                                         Min

 Graham Mccormick                             Min

 Enda Carrigan (HG)                          ~70km - HG


We also awarded Grzegorz, the 3rd placed pilot, the best novice prize as it was his first XC! Congratulations to all!!

No paragliders flew on Sunday as the wind was too strong.  Free flying was declared and some pilots headed to Magilligan, amazingly lighter and smooth!


Comment from one competitor: "Mega conditions and great to see so many XC minded pilots escaping the hill. Cheers and well done to all working hard on the day, best £20 I've spent in a while, XC, T-Shirt, Chinese and Beer!"


The repack night at Antrim Forum went very well. Around 20 club members attended the deployment and repack session and despite a bit of headscratching and reference to packing instructions all managed to get their reserve parachutes packed, checked and installed in harnesses. If it all goes wrong and you find your wing a twisted mess and gravity taking over, you'll need to throw your reserve parachute. Can you locate the handle easily and throw and let go correctly? Is your reserve parachute properly packed and installed in your harness? Will it come out easily if you need to deploy?

Even if you normally send your reserve 'chute away for a repack, practice deployment at a local event such as this, rather than wait until you need to do it for real (hopefully not!) is very valuable.



The club AGM went well.

The Ulster Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club's Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at the Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim. 

There were comprehensive reports from the club officers, demonstrating the very large amount of work carried out during the year, particularly in relation to site matters, wind farm developments and airspace issues.

Most of the outgoing committee agreed to serve for another year and were duly elected, with former Chairman Andrew Jess elected as Secretary - see "Contact us" link.

Gary McKie has taken on the task of producing the club newsletter from Maurice McBride who did an excellent job for the last six years. Gary needs contributions for his first edition so please get your stories and photos to him now - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give him a call to discuss - tel:07836362003. First issue by Gary (Dec 2015) is now available in the Members Area of the website (login on the left).

Dave Tweedie did a roaring trade in 2016 club calendars which were on sale at a discount rate of £4 on the night! He's got plenty more so get your order in for these excellent Christmas presents - tel: 07740862658.


Much of Slieve Gallion is STILL CLOSED.

As you all know Sl.Gallion has been closed to us now for some time. This was due to the landowner of the ground around the mast ( including the east and west take offs ) withdrawing his permission for us to fly. The reason is not clear although we have been assured that it is not directly related to our activities.
So the new rules for the site are as follows:
Do NOT pass the last cattle grid towards the mast, which now has a Private Property sign.

Details of a new parking area and  new arrangements for access to some takeoff areas are in the sites guide in the Members Area of the UHPC website where a map shows the forbidden ground marked in red. Do NOT at any time use the ground around the mast.
This is still a very sensitive site and should therefore be treated with great respect. It is possible that at some stage in the future we may regain permission from the landowner for access to all of the site but in the meantime it is essential that we respect his wish.
If in any doubt please do not hesitate to contact the Sites Officer (Tel: 07715539702).

The club is in contact with the landowners and the Sites Guide in the Members Area has been updated.