Much of Slieve Gallion is STILL CLOSED.

As you all know Sl.Gallion has been closed to us now for some time. This was due to the landowner of the ground around the mast ( including the east and west take offs ) withdrawing his permission for us to fly. The reason is not clear although we have been assured that it is not directly related to our activities.
So the new rules for the site are as follows:
Do NOT pass the last cattle grid towards the mast, which now has a Private Property sign.

Details of a new parking area and  new arrangements for access to some takeoff areas are in the sites guide in the Members Area of the UHPC website where a map shows the forbidden ground marked in red. Do NOT at any time use the ground around the mast.
This is still a very sensitive site and should therefore be treated with great respect. It is possible that at some stage in the future we may regain permission from the landowner for access to all of the site but in the meantime it is essential that we respect his wish.
If in any doubt please do not hesitate to contact the Sites Officer (Tel: 07715539702).

The club is in contact with the landowners and the Sites Guide in the Members Area has been updated.