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Welcome to the Ulster Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club mailing list. The purpose of this list is to keep anyone interested in the day to day activities of our club informed of recent flying, events coming up and general topics of debate.
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Once subscribed to post a message simply e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You should add this e-mail address to your address book. This e-mail is then automatically sent to all other subscribed users .... hopefully getting a bit of debate going or at least keeping us informed of what we have been missing. 

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A few guidelines / principles on usage of the WhatsApp group. The idea is to provide short/concise and useful information and not fill up the chat with noise/chatter.

This chat group is for sharing/communication of intent to go to a particular site and flying conditions (reported from the site) for the benefit of others or example:

o   Mark G heading to AGNEWS NW 1pm

o   AGNEWS 10-15mph NNW OVERCAST (plus other pertinent info – showers, gusty etc)

o   AGNEWS PILOTS FLYING (in the air)

o   AGNEWS AIRSPACE USAGE ACTIVE  0-5000 2pm-5pm etc.

o   AGNEWS + A Photo of the conditions (possibly from the bottom if clagged in) or of pilots flying or parawaiting etc J

o   AGNEWS + Relevant Notifications, Warnings or Reminders on restrictions etc.

·         This chat group is NOT for:

o   General chit chat about what you had for dinner or how soft your new jammies are

o   Calling people ejits, leg pulling, pictures of your new lycra flying suit

o   General flying chat (we can set up another group or use the email service)

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Send an SMS/TEXT to 07795 980701 with the word UHPC in the message and you will be added to the WhatsApp Group (requires you to have WhatsApp installed on your mobile device – needless to say!)


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