Why join?

Benefits of being in the UHPC

  1. Sites – the club has negotiated access to use ~41 flying sites. To maintain good relationships with landowners the club has provided stiles, gates and keys. Each year key landowners are visited with a token gift of appreciation.

  2. Access to a detailed Sites Guide.

  3. Liaison with Air Traffic Control and ability to obtain ‘Letters of Agreement’ for activity within controlled airspace.

  4. Only UHPC members are legally allowed to open designated areas:

    1. Big Collin/Agnew's (Class D >2000ft

    2. Knockagh (Class D >2000ft

    3. Slieve Croob (Class D >3500ft

    4. Slieve Donard (Class D >3500ft

    5. Divis/Cave Hill (Class D from surface)

  5. Affiliation to the BHPA and access to a full range of member support. Sometimes site access is only granted on the basis that all members have BHPA insurance and governance.

  6. Coaching Support structure, including theory classes and examinations for Pilot and Advanced Pilot ratings.

  7. Open mailing list and WhatsApp group to keep pilots informed and flying safely together.

  8. Access to the latest information on sites and other issues (e.g. safety and site restrictions) via the website and emails to members.

  9. Training events (e.g. Club Coach Courses, REC Standard First Aid Qualification Courses (Tailored for flying incidents), Reserve theory and practice)

  10. Annual reserve parachute re-pack night. Porosity meter is available for members.

  11. Ulster Open – annual XC Competition.

  12. Maintain & manage the XC League for flights on the island of Ireland.

  13. Other Events

    1. Indoor – e.g. Pat Dower, Norman Surplus, Bill Morris, Jocky Sanderson, Bob Drury, other guest speakers.

    2. Outdoor – Slieve Donard fly down, Accuracy comp

    3. Virtual – Zoom Quiz and discussion

  14. Provide a focus for, and recognition of our sport with other organisations in NI:

    1. Sport NI

    2. Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland

    3. NI Sports Forum

    4. DoE Planning Service

    5. Outdoor Strategy Groups (Sperrins, Causeway Coast & Glens, Mournes)

    6. CAA Airspace consultations

  15. Monitor wind turbine developments and protect member’s interests. Includes meetings and negotiations with developers and landowners. Provision of a dedicated weather station (equivalent to Wendy Wind Blows) secured at Dungiven.

  16. Being able to network with like minded individuals of various experience, to fly with, learn from, seek advice and support in relation to all aspects of free flying, rather than being a lone pilot in a safety conscious sport.

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