In co-operation with The IHPA we are near to finalising changes to the way we register flights on the XC (Cross Country) League. Given that most pilots in the rest of the world are using Leonardo to register XC flights, it has been decided to set up a UHPC and an All Ireland League on Leonardo. In order to filter out the thousands of other pilots on Leonardo we have to register UHPC members for both leagues. To do this we need your Leonardo number. This can be found at the end of the URL when you call up your pilot profile in Leonardo.

If you have not used Leonardo before but would like to have your name registered for the XC League then you can open an account at http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/tracks/world/alltimes/brand:all,cat:0,class:all,xctype:all,club:all,pilot:0_0,takeoff:all by clicking on Main Menu and the Open an Account. When you've logged in go to Main Menu then My Profile and send me (Dave Tweedie -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) your Leonardo number at the end of the URL as described above.

It would be great to have all members registered on Leonardo, even if you don't want to compete in the league at present, you can still register flights by downloading the relevant igc files from your GPS and it will give you lots of information on your flights including a map of your flight and profiles of height, distance, speed etc. All useful information to analyse your flights and improve your performance.

More information on the league will be coming when we have everything finalised.