Customised Course for Hang Gliding and Paragliding
Tutor: Stephen Synnott
Dates: Sat 7th to Sun 8th April 2018 (2 -day course)
Venue: Kilcronaghan Activity and Conference Centre, Tobermore
Cost: £85 (max - there is very likely to be a UHPC discount for members)
Booking deposit £20
  • Course tuition
  • Certificates
  • Materials & equipment
  • Overnight accommodation
Not included:
  • Food
We're overdue a First Aid Course, I think most people's qualifications are out of  date, and I for one am getting rusty.
Stephen's courses have been excellent in the past and tailored exactly to the injuries and situations we are likely to encounter and the harnesses and equipment we use.
The cost is half that advertised elsewhere and the UHPC are very likely to discount this further for members (topic for next committee meeting!)
Please sign up with a £20 deposit as soon as possible to treasurer (Tom Carson) to ensure the course goes ahead. No deposit = no place and no discount for late bookers.
Ways to pay:
1. Bank Transfer  Acc no. 03553055  Sort code 98-01-50  ( easy to do if you use online banking)
2. Hard Dirty Cash, if you see Tom out and about the hills
3. Old Fashioned Cheques, can be made out to U.H.P.C. And posted to UHPC Treasurer: 4 Highfield Manor  Craigavon BT64 3AH
5. PayPal (though the club will lose out in admin fees) PayPal button can be found at the bottom of home page of the UHPC website ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Annual Reserve     Repack         Antrim Forum, 20 Lough Rd, Antrim BT41 4DQ         Thursday 1st Feb 2018             

Its that time of the year again, a chance to see what is hiding behind the red handle on the side of your harness. As you know it is recommended that your reserve parachute is deployed and repacked at least once a year.

Around a third of the current members turned up and deployed their reserves from the swinging rope. Repacking prompted a bit of head scratching at times but in the end everybody got their reserve 'chute packed and installed in the harness.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the reserve is installed in the harness CORRECTLY so that it can easily pull out without twisting and jamming - i.e.   have the deployment bag installed with handle attachment uppermost.


Coaching weekend took place on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21st January 2018 at the Five Corners Inn just outside Ballyclare - near Big Collin site. It was good to see a range of pilots there from experienced old hands, Senior Instructors, relatively new Club Pilots,  to a pilot returning to paragliding after a long time away from the sport.

The Club should soon be appointing the new and renewing Club Coaches who will be available on the hill to help anyone who needs advice or information.


Alan de Tourtoulon has produced the first of his excellent UHPC magazines in the form of a blog which can be found in the Magazines section of the Members Area on the club website - see link on the left.


We have recently been contacted by the Warden at Divis NT. The good news is that he appears to be supportive of us flying the site provided we adhere to our own rules regarding; notification of flying to the NT Warden and compliance with the Letter of Agreement relating to airspace rules.

 He has however requested that pilots do not fly alone. Divis is a newly reinstated sensitive site and we should respect this request, particularly as the NT warden who is often on the site could easily be notified of any breach.

 From today (Fri 12 May 2017), if you are flying Divis there must be two or more of you or someone on the ground supporting the duration of your flight. This is common sense when flying any site so that there is someone to help in case of accident.

 We appreciate you all complying with this simple rule as we do not want to risk damaging all of the recent gains we have made in securing the site, or worse losing the Divis site.