Ulster Open Competition 2019

This year we are hoping for better luck with the weather and the 2019 Ulster Open will now take place when it looks like the weather will be suitable. The base will most likely be again at the Kilcronaghan Centre Tobermore. 

The format of the competition will follow most years and be set each day by the meet Director and Comp Committee. Those who have attended previous events will know that the focus of the Competition is a fun weekend where everyone can fly and hopefully get something out of the weekend. This means that we encourage qualified low airtime pilots to join us and not be put off by the fact that it is a competition and simply join in the fun. The fee structure is intended to try and encourage people to stay for the whole weekend, fees therefore are as follows;

1) Weekend Two Day event - £35 or Euro 40. This includes accommodation, registration, evening meal (with some beer and wine), breakfast.

2) Weekend Two Day event - £25 or Euro 30.  This includes, registration, evening meal (with some beer and wine), breakfast and (retrieves wherever possible but we cannot guarantee a dedicated retrieve driver)

3) Single day entry - £10 or Euro 15. This includes, registration.

Retrieves will be made wherever possible but we cannot guarantee a dedicated retrieve driver (at the moment), we will however endeavor to have arrangements in place to ensure that all pilots are accounted for and eventually collected. Forecasts aside I would encourage as many as possible to stay at the Kilcronaghan Centre as possible as the staff have been fantastic in accommodating three cancellations in 2018 and we would wish to maintain our long term relationship.

Accommodation - Separate arrangements can be made for accommodation for £20 or Euro 25 per person per night if required. Camper vans are accepted in the car park but where possible we would like you to use the Kilcronaghan Centre. 

As always this event is a weather dependent event. If possible we will try to go ahead with the event on the arranged dates provided that it is safe to do so. Registration time will be 9am - 10am on Saturday 5th at the Centre for registration (Unless alternative arrangements are in place), however please keep an eye on the emails from the Thursday before as the Committee will be watching the weather closely and have the right to call the event at any time and place over the weekend if conditions appear suitable.

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