Emergency Parachute Systems Training day - Saturday 8th November

Want to learn under expert supervision how to examine and repack you own reserve parachute? Too late - if you weren't there you missed a great opportunity to pack your own reserve parachute under the expert eye of Bill Morris who trains BHPA packers.

The purpose of the event - in Bill's own words:

“Learn how to pack your own reserve and how to use it. The day will consist of a talk on reserves showing deployment examples, a full demonstration of how the reserve works followed by a detailed demonstration of how to repack. Pilots will then have the opportunity to repack their own reserve under supervision. ”

The course at the Brownlow Centre in Craigavon (BT65 5DL), which was FREE to club members, was very well attended and it was also good to see pilots from the IHPA who made the journey to Craigavon.

We were not disappointed. Bill's expert advice and information showed that packing your reserve parachute is a fairly simple procedure but there are vital elements that you must get right if it is to deploy successfully. Aside from techniques that are common to all reserve 'chutes, different makes have their own particular variations and these were all demonstrated and practiced.

Bill had lots of video of reserve deployments, including those following mid-air collisions and talked us through all of them, pointing out the important points to note in each. He emphasised that it is wrong to think that in a low level situation you are  too low for a successful deployment - modern canopies open fast and even if only partially open before arrival on the ground you will still be slowed down. You are never "too low to throw". Other myths about reserve 'chutes were similarly discussed and explained.

This was one of the best events organised by the club and thanks must go to those members of the committee who organised it and to Bill Morris and to those members and friends who attended.

Don't miss the UHPC AGM on 30th November and the next club event on Saturday 13 December.