Club Annual 'Christmas' Dinner

This very successful and enjoyable event took place at the Curran Court Hotel, Larne on Friday 28 March 2014 from 7:30pm.

Whilst only two attendees got fully into the Christmas spirit and dressed for the recently past festive celebrations - well done Bronagh and Michael, an excellent evening with super food and good craic was had by all.  A chance to catch up with those who aren't able to get out as often as they'd like and an opportunity for spouses to see and meet some of the characters in the club - where were you Danny? It was good to see lady pilots Deri, Caroline and Kirsty.

Michael also happened to have his recently completed Kobo Mini / XC Soar.  A different approach to packaging with an eye for future additions and Michaels usual attention to detail had many admirers, can we pursuade you to take orders for the case extension?

We know it's impossible to pick a venue to suit everyone, but the food at the Curran Court was beautifully presented and the portions were generous to say the least.  I think we will be back.

Thank you Eveleen and Alastair -  a success!

Maurice was crowned king of the Ulster XC League with a record aggregate distance, closely followed by Mark Piggott and Dave Tweedie.  Jim Rainey was unable to attend, but in has absence was awarded Best Newcomer.  Well done.

To close out the evening Maurice was able to distribute the 'fresh off the press' April edition of Flypaper  - another excellent read.