Reserve Self Repack night - 21st March 2014, 7-10pm

The UHPC annual self repack night took place at the Antrim Forum on Friday 21st March 2014 at 1900hrs and was very well attended.  
For future reference here are the details. We have the hall for 3 hours, but come early as the time usually flies - excuse the pun.
What happens?
Club members attach their harness to a rope suspended from the steelwork supporting the high roof of the main sports hall and then with enthusiastic assistance get swung wildly while they test deploy their reserve (more realistic than sliding down a zip line). They get to gather up their kit and wonder what to do with a now deployed 'chute. After some head scratching and watching others they usually decide to re-pack themselves with some helpful suggestions from others, failing that you could always do the best job possible and still post it off to a professional re-packer.
But, you will get to see what your reserve looks like and importantly how easy or hard it is to pull and throw - a definite two stage process.  You wouldn't be the first to still be holding the reserve in the deployment bag after the first attempt!  Better here than in the air!
What do I need?
  • You.
  • Your harness fitted with reserve but detached from canopy.
  • A spanner (to undo the bolt on the maillon)
  • Replacement elastic bands (used to stow the reserve suspension lines neatly)
  • The manufacturer's instructions for repacking your reserve (although mine proved worse than useless).
  • Bulldog clips can help to hold lines in place while re-packing
  • Fine cord, to pull the container loop through the eyelets and insert the reserve restraining pins
  • For a more authentic experience you may want to bring all your usual clothing that you wear when flying, gloves, flying suit, helmet, etc to see how difficult it might be when you do go to find that handle.
How Much?
The event is normally free to existing UHPC members and £5 to non members.
Main sports hall
Antrim Forum,
Lough Road,
BT41 4DQ
T. 028 9446 4131
F. 028 9446 2968
If you have any questions please let me know via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.