We have recently been contacted by the Warden at Divis NT. The good news is that he appears to be supportive of us flying the site provided we adhere to our own rules regarding; notification of flying to the NT Warden and compliance with the Letter of Agreement relating to airspace rules.

 He has however requested that pilots do not fly alone. Divis is a newly reinstated sensitive site and we should respect this request, particularly as the NT warden who is often on the site could easily be notified of any breach.

 From today (Fri 12 May 2017), if you are flying Divis there must be two or more of you or someone on the ground supporting the duration of your flight. This is common sense when flying any site so that there is someone to help in case of accident.

 We appreciate you all complying with this simple rule as we do not want to risk damaging all of the recent gains we have made in securing the site, or worse losing the Divis site.